Use Of Botox Treatment In Treating Muscle Spasms

Botox treatment is approved for use in stopping muscle spasms. Muscle spasms cause disorders such as hyperhidrosis, blepharospasm, cervical dystonia and strabismus. Botox has a special ingredient called toxin type A of Botulinum that makes it effective in combating muscle spasms. The special ingredient in Botox acts by blocking signals that cause spasms in muscles. The end result of this treatment is muscle relaxation. The mode of administering Botox is through injections. This treatment should be carried out by qualified professionals. Before opting for a particular professional, one should carry out a background research on the professional.

Cervical dystonia affects the shoulders and the neck. The symptoms of this condition include problems in swallowing food, pain at the neck and also pain at the shoulder area.  Pain is experienced in the shoulder area and the neck due to uncontrollable spasms in the neck. Neck muscle spasms will force the head and the neck into uncontrollable motions. Such motions can at times be painful.  The occurrence of such spasms will reduce when Botox treatment is opted for.

Blepharospasm affects the eyes. Its major symptoms include excessive blinking, pain or soreness in the eyes and impaired vision. Other symptoms of this condition are twitching of facial muscles and watery eyes. Vision can be impaired by muscle spasms because such spasms cause the narrowing of eyes. Apart from causing the eyes to narrow, spasms will cause eyes to close in.  To prevent the twitching of eye muscles, Botox treatment should be used.

Strabismus is also a condition of the eye. If one has this condition, one will not have eye co-ordination. Lack of eye co-ordination affects depth perception. A person with this condition cannot be able to focus on a particular point in space. Botox treatment will relax the muscles responsible for eye co-ordination therefore correcting this condition.

Hyperhidrosis is another medical condition caused as a result of muscle spasms. This condition can either affect the whole body or it can affect a particular part of the body. Common body parts usually affected by hyperhidrosis include underarms, feet, groins and hands. When one has this medical condition one will sweat uncontrollably. Sweating is good for the body as it regulates body temperature. However, uncontrollable sweating can have negative effects. Doctors use Botox treatment to reduce excessive body sweating.

When it comes to reversing aging, Botox comes in handy. For many years, Botox has been used cosmetically to erase wrinkles and facial lines. The appearance of a person having wrinkles will improve if he undergoes Botox treatment.  This treatment will not make a 60 year old person to look like a 20 year person but it will make such a person to look attractive to have high self esteem.

Toxin type A of Botulinum is highly poisonous. Due to the poison nature of the Botulinum ingredient, Botox should be administered by a highly qualified doctor. Botox treatment can have a number of side effects. There are medical conditions that will disqualify one from being administered with Botox injections.

Botulinum Type A toxin is marketed under brand names like Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Neurobloc and Myobloc. This toxin is commonly used to treat neurological conditions. Botox is also used for cosmetic treatment. Botox for cosmetic treatment is available under brand names like Vistabel and Botox Cosmetic.

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