Botox – Useful And Youthful Drug

The desire to look youthful forever is possessed by every human being on this planet. Especially women over forty always want to look as fresh as a teenage girl. Therefore science came up with a solution to this problem and it was called Botox. It is a medicine which is injected into the effected area. Only a small quantity is injected and it slowly starts its effect. Its scientific name is Botulinum toxin and is produced by a protein. In the 1800s it came into existence and is still being used widely. Botox injection is commonly used for wrinkles, frown lines, migraine, bladder problems etc.

Celebrities like Britney Spears; Simon Cowell, Courtney Cox, etc. are the loyal users of Botox. Looking at these celebrities even people tend to get influenced and start with its usage. Many people have tried using Botox on the lips. It not only gives them fuller lips but a desired pout too. Since it works quickly on them and avoids side effects people use it more often as compared to creams, solutions, ointments, surgery etc.

Injecting Botox is not a painful procedure depending where you are injecting it. If it’s on the arms then pain is minimal but if it’s on the face then there are chances of slight pain. It is very important for the person to prepare mentally and physically before getting it done, because while operation it can lead to antagonistic results. Talking to the doctor in detail about your body is highly recommended because only he/she can tell whether our body will be able to take the change or not. Any type of allergy should be mentioned while discussing with the doctor.

Before the operation begins ice packs should be kept. They are to be used before and after the surgery in the operated area. It prevents swelling and bruising. Just in case if the patient feels any pain, a pain killer should be taken instantly. Once the entire procedure is over, doctors do not recommend any type of exercise and massage in that area. These activities spread Botox in other areas too, causing damage.

Botox has its own side effects. But they are not long term. It can lead to nausea, heart burn, facial pain, head ache, dizziness and a few others.

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