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What You Should Know About Botox

Botox Gets Black Box Warning

The rules have been made stringent by the FDA regarding the use of Botox. Products such as Botox and others of similar nature need to be packed with a black box labeling. The intention of this kind of labeling on such products is to warn the user about the hazards that may follow after the use of Botox. Toxins may spread beyond the site of injection, which could be life threatening for the consumer.

BotoxThis implementation on the use of Botox was made after some research was carried out by some professionals. The data from the previous users was collected and was analyzed. To the surprise of the investigating team, more than 180 cases of complications were found. The failures were sometimes with the respiratory system and were observed by the patients who were subjected to type A and B botulinum injections.

Severity of the case was more with the children and young age individuals who mostly died after they were injected with botulinum toxin, which is primarily used for treating muscle spasm. Elders were hospitalized and serious issues with their health were recorded.

People who are looking to undergo Botox treatments or those who have recently received the treatment should find the following information useful:

What did the FDA decide?

Before the treatment is given to the patient, the doctor should hand over a medication guide to the patient to be treated. The guide should contain the potential harm that the product can cause and other consequences of the treatment as well like breathing problems and swallowing.

Strict guidelines have also been issued to the manufacturers as well. The manufacturers before launching any products in the market should test the product on adults and children and must submit the results of the test to the concerned department for analysis. Moreover, the manufacturers should also warm the users that Botox products should not be used interchangeably.

What products does this regulation affect?

Allergen Inc. and Solstice Neuroscience that manufacturer Botox cosmetics and Botox have both been affected the decision of FDA.

Did any of the reported untoward effects occur in people using Botox to reduce wrinkles and fine lines?

Children with cerebral palsy were only affected adversely by the Botox treatment when they were treated for limb spasticity. However, this treatment is not approved by FDA for both children and adults. Botulinum toxin is dangerous and needs to be used carefully under expert supervision.

Were the Botox injections defective or tainted?

Questions were raised regarding the defectiveness of those Botox injections that produced hazardous results but it was cleared by the FDA that the adverse results were obtained due to overdosing. After analysis, it was pointed out that the dose given to the children was 28 times greater than the normal amount.

How did the Botox injection in the limbs impact these children’s lungs?

Botulinum, the main ingredient in Botox spreads to the other body parts after breathing. Thus, this caution has been printed on the label of the current supply of Botox.

Is Botox safe?

The use of Botox has been proved to be safe by various American societies of plastic surgeons. Botox has been successfully used by more than one million people and it is the number one nonsurgical procedure used for both men and women. However, some complications were also recorded. These complications included nausea, headache, numbness and bruising at the site of the injection.

How can I ensure that I am safe if I receive Botox injections?

You should do some research before adopting the procedure for treatment. The doctor of your choice for injecting Botox should be well qualified and trained as well. He or she should be holding board certification in dermatology and plastic surgery. The doctor should have already done similar treatment in the past.

Precautions to be taken after the injection:

You should keep an eye of some of the symptoms that may point out serious problems. Muscle weakness, breathing trouble, slurred speech and difficulty in swallowing can be observed. You may observe these effects just after the treatment or even after several weeks. When any such side effects are observed, the patient should immediately consult the doctor and seek medical help.

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Botulinum Toxin

Do you want to stay young and look beautiful? The answer is absolutely certain for most of us! Or perhaps all of us! One of the best way to keep our skin beauty and youthful is with Botox Injections. You may hear about Botox everywhere nowadays. As we all know, it’s a relatively simple procedure which lead to an effective wrinkles clearing and of course a more youthful appearance. So, there are not many of us who could deny knowing of the word Botox but how many could honestly say that they fully understand what Botox is? To help with this, we need to step back a few decades to when this substance was first researched and used.

Botulinum ToxinBotox is derived from Botulinum toxin, a form of the deadly Botulism. It has been discovered nearly five decades ago and it was used to treat patients with neurological problems. There is several different Botulinum toxins, ranging from Botulinum Toxin A to Botulinum Toxin G. Botox is the registered trademark for a specific product which is created using one of the seven neurotoxins (botulinum toxin A). Botulinum is caused by the ingestion of the bacteria that is known as Clostridium botulinum. Botulinum toxin is actually a neurotoxin protein that is released by the bacteria once ingested. The side effects that are caused by ingesting this neurotoxin can be as serious as paralysis! Although extremely dangerous and often fatal in other forms and concentrations the Botox injections appear to be quite safe as a cosmetic treatment in some parts of the world.

On 21 December 2000, Botulinium Toxin B was approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to treat cervical dystonia that eases the pain from serious contractions in the shoulders and neck, Trade names for Botulinium Toxin B are Neurobloc in the European Union, and Myobloc in the United States. FDA gave a green light to Botulinium Toxin A or better known as Botox Cosmetic on 15 April 2002 after the discovery about its effectiveness on improving the appearance of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). Botox is also used in the treatment of migraine headaches, blepharospasm (involuntary blinking), severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), Achalasia (failure of the lower esophageal sphincter to relax), etc. However, the term Botox is used widely to describe the facial skin care treatment to reduce wrinkles and fine lines nowdays.

Botox injections work by tightening the skin and muscle so the skin will stay in its contracted position. Unfortunately, over the weeks, the effects of the treatment reduce and the lines and wrinkles return (making the treatment only temporary), therefore you have to return for injections every three or four months. Prices for each individual injection of Botox range from $250 to $500. That’s the price you have to pay for staying young and beautiful with Botox Injections!

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Botox Injections: What You Need To Know

Botulinum Toxin Type A, according to many people is an exciting way of treating wrinkles. However the treatment which is known as Botox has been used over the years to treat other cosmetic conditions such as muscle spasms on the face. This is what led to it being recognized as a treatment that can treat facial wrinkles. What is Botox? It is just one brand of the Botulinum Toxin Type A that is produced by the bacteria clostridium botulinum. This product is produced by the AllerganInc., a global specialty pharmaceutical company. The bacteria are considered harmful and life threatening and can lead to muscle paralysis or weakness. However Botox treatment is quite safe especially when used in small doses and injected directly to a specific area.

How Botox Works

Botox works by blocking the release of a chemical messenger (neurotransmitter) which is formally known as acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter found in the nerve cells usually transmits a nerve impulse to a muscle cell and causes it to contract. With the absence of acetylcholine the muscle cell is weakened leading to paralysis of the muscle. The Botox injection is restricted to the area under treatment simply because the effect is temporary and the nerve fibers have the capability of regenerating after a few months.

The use of Botox InjectionsBotox Injections

They are used to treat various medical conditions that include:
• Muscle spasms in the face or other localized area
• Twitching of the eyelid (blepharospasm)
• Muscle spasticity
• Muscle spasms in the neck (cervical dystonia) and
• Proper alignment of the eyes (strabismus)

Botox injections are also used to reduce excessive underarm sweating. This is done by blocking the action of the nerve cells that control the sweat glands. By being injected directly on the underarms they can treat localized hyperhidrosis.

In cosmetics treatments they are used to treat the vertical frown lines which are referred to as glabellar lines. These are found between eyebrows and are caused by the contraction of muscles when one frowns, squints or concentrates. Other lines such as crows feet (lines found at the corner of the eyes) and horizontal lines at the forehead can also be treated with Botox injections.

How Botox Injections Treat Wrinkles

Botox injections treat wrinkles on the face by weakening or causing paralysis of the muscles found on the face and pulling the skin. After about a week after the injections, the wrinkles and lines start disappearing. However this does not limit one from forming facial expressions.

The Lasting Period

After the injections and the disappearance of the wrinkles and lines, one can have an improved appearance for up to 6 months before having the treatment repeated. However with continued use, the effects of the injections last longer.

A number of patients who use the Botox injections end up developing antibodies that neutralize the effect of the injections resulting to ineffective treatment. This only happens when they repeatedly use the treatment.

How safe are Botox Injections?

Botox InjectionsWhen administered by medical professionals with a lot of experience in the treatment, the Botox injections are quite safe. There are some mild and temporary side effects are associated with the treatment. These include pain, bruising and tenderness associated with the Botox injection. It is common for most people to experience a slight headache right after the treatment is administered. Others also experience nausea and flu syndromes.

One of the significant side effects of the treatment is the risk of a drooping eye for a few days. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid this treatment. Just like other medical treatments there are benefits and side effects that come with this treatment. It is important that you talk to your doctor to get all the facts right.

Where to get Botox Treatments

The cosmetic procedures can be performed by many types of health professionals. As a matter of fact, the Botox treatment should be administered by a medical professional with a lot of experience in the technique. A doctor should first let you know whether the treatment is good for you.

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Botox for Wrinkle Treatment

Many were skeptical on the effects of Botox when it first hit the market. Botox is a protein complex derived from a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. For those who do not yet know, Botox come from the same toxin that can cause food poisoning in humans. That sounds scary, isn’t it? Fortunately, it does not cause the same effect on the skin as it has on the body!

The eternal dream of man to remain young and beautiful forever has always been a motivating factor towards innovation and experimentation. This dream has been responsible for the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, leading to the sudden influx in the use of Botox. Although the results are temporary, Botox treatments have gained popularity all over the U.S. and throughout the world because of the simplicity of the procedure and fast immediate results.

Botox used to reduce wrinkles is a sterile and purified version of the Botulinum Toxin A. When the toxin is injected into the muscle, it works to block the nerve impulses, temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles, thereby causing them to relax more. The net result is that the process of wrinkle formation is reduced. A smoothing effect is seen almost immediately and it continues to improve over the next few days.

Botox InjectionThe full effects of Botox injections can be seen in 5-7 days. Results may vary on individuals, depending on the severity of wrinkles and the strength of muscles treated. The results last from three to six months after which most patients gradually return to their former state. Normally, Botox Injections should be repeated every 3-4 months. Patients who have had Botox treatments over 12 months may only require further treatments every 6 months.

While botox has been safely used by millions of patients, it is recommended that pregnant women, or women who are breastfeeding their babies as well as patients suffering from neurologic disease should never use botox. A quick word of warning… if you’re considering taking Botox Injections, be sure to thoroughly research the professionals in your area who are offering this service! Make sure it is done by qualified doctor since your face is on the line and things could get ugly if you’re not careful.

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Right Candidate for Botox Injections

Do you think that you’re the right candidate to take on Botox Injections?

More and more women and men are turning to Botox injections to reduce the signs of aging, and to rid themselves of unsightly facial wrinkles. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Botox injections are the fastest-growing non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the industry. More than 1.6 million people received injections in 2001, an increase of 46 percent over the previous year.

Botox is a simple and speedy treatment. Despite the fact that Botox is a toxin which is derived from bacterium Clostridium Botullinum, it’s been safely and widely used by ophthamologists for more than ten years. Botox is regarded by some as the ultimate fountain of youth has been used for wrinkle treatment since the early 1990′s and no serious side effects have been documented. However it doesn’t mean that the treatment is right for everyone!

Botox can be used by anyone in good health and does not use drugs in any form. However, it is recommended for those who are between the ages of 18 and 65. Although there is no evidence to suggest Botox could harm an unborn child, it is always recommended that pregnant women, or women who are breast feeding, should avoid having Botox Injections.

For the success of the treatment, people should not take injections of Botox if they have an infection especially if the injection site is close to the infected area. It is unadvisable to have Botox treatment for people that have any allergic reactions to such medicines. So, separate test prior to such treatment should be conducted to make sure you are not having allergy to the Botox ingredients.

People on any type of medication may encounter serious side effects by taking Botox Injections. They should seek medical advice from their own doctor as some antibiotics like Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Clindamycin, and Lincomycin will react with Botox and increase the risks of side effects. This includes Quinidine for treatments in heart rhythm problems.

People with certain neuromuscular diseases such as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease), Myasthenia Gravis, or Lambert-Eaton syndrome are also at risk of cardiovascular problems that may arise during or after having Botox Injection. They are advised to inform their doctor of their condition for safety precautions before treatment.

It is imperative that when administered it should be done by a trained medical practitioner working from a professional environment. If wrongfully administered there can be myriad risks that the patients may find themselves getting plagued with. Thus, if you are a right candidate for Botox Injections, get yourself a doctor with experience – someone familiar with injecting Botox Cosmetic.

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How Long Does Botox Last

You should be aware of “how does Botox work” before considering this treatment. Botox, which is short for Botulinum toxin, blocks the nerve impulses transmission at the muscle end plates. It blocks the movement of acetyl choline, one of several important neurotransmitters. A well-trained person can choose the injection site carefully, and then set about paralyzing the muscles around your eyes, forehead, and between your eyebrows, that are causing wrinkles and lines

Clearly, this person needs a great deal of anatomical knowledge as well as knowing the appropriate dilution of the Botox to lower the occurrence of unneeded side effects that could happen if the nearby muscles accidentally get paralyzed even though you need them to work. For example, if you put the Botox Injections too close to the eyelid, it can cause your eyelid to sag.

You might also want to know how long the Botox’s effects will last. The average length of duration time is close to 4 months. This is an average, and some will have much longer time (around 8 months) and in others, it will last only about 6 weeks. So there is quite a lot of variation in time. Research has shown that the most important item affecting the duration of Botox’s effects is how many Botex units are injected. If you are using forehead/Glabella Botox, the best dose is about 40-50 units which is equal to about one hundred units of the Dysport/Azzalure, this drug is about 2.5-8 times less strong than the Botox/Vistabel. This gives you about 4 months duration time in about three-quarters of the patients.

The other thing to consider is when to get your next dose. This depends on personal preference, and there is no correct way to determine when to have the next dose other than to consider it when the Botox starts to wear off. Using a calendar is probably not the best way to decide, as it could last a lot longer than you think, especially if you are having regular treatments since it is longer-lasting every time. What should you look for to see if the Botox is wearing off? It’s mainly that the muscle areas that were paralyzed previously will start to move again. If you had between the eyebrows treated, this is probably the first place that will start to move. This is a very active muscle group and will show the signs of Botox decline way earlier than any other places.

Once you start to see the movement in those areas, you will gradually see the lines return to your skin, though they may not be as noticeable as before. That makes this a good time to consider setting up your next appointment for Botox treatment.

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Botox Before And After

Botox does cause a change in appearance, as anyone who makes before and after comparisons can see. If you ever browse through photos online, you can see the major differences on a patient’s face before the injections and afterward. In instances where you personally know someone who has had the procedure performed, you probably noticed previous wrinkles have disappeared, erased by the Botox solution. Skin looks smoother, regaining the tightness of youth, and lines and creases are smaller if not gone altogether. The Botox before and after differences can be striking.

If you decide to undergo the treatment, you might appreciate taking a picture of yourself (with a smile or not, that’s up to you) so you can compare it to your new look. You can judge for yourself just how effective the procedure was.

Up to 99% of people who have tried Botox claim to have seen a major difference in their appearance before and after Botox. After a few weeks of treatment, you will quickly start to see the fine lines on your face fading, replaced with glowing, youthful skin. These differences are more marked when you have a before photograph to make accurate comparisons. Assessing these changes can help you decide if Botox is taking you in the direction you were hoping to see.c

Most people recognize Botox as one of the hottest trends in Hollywood for both men and women. This can be seen as proof that it works, producing desirable results even after an extended amount of time. Usually the treatment is performed once or twice a year as needed. To assess the progress of your skin’s de-aging process, you should try to have your picture taken annually under similar lighting and conditions. These pictures should show just how many wrinkles have started to shrink, and to what degree. Most of the time, these photographs will clearly show just how much these treatments are worth.

Of course, Botox has gained its share of controversies. As it grows in popularity, the procedure has been attacked and criticized from patients and non-patients alike. Some charges leveled against it claim Botox before and after appearances change over time, and that lines tend to reappear more quickly the longer and more often you subject yourself to the injections. Others point out that eventually you start to lose the ability to show expressions in your face as the skin becomes unable to move. Nevertheless, any questions or concerns you have can be addressed with your doctor before you ever undergo treatment. If you find that you like the results from repeated treatments, then you know Botox is right for you. But if you’re not pleased, then you can stop treatment any time and look for another specialist or other alternative solutions.

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Botox Injection Sites

Where do you use Botox?

ForeheadBotox Injection Site

Botox is used to remove frown lines and wrinkles especially between the eyes right above the area around the nose. The muscles present between the eyebrows move out laterally under the eyes and result in moving of the eyebrows in the downward direction towards the nose area when there is squint or frown. Frown lines or wrinkle are developed when the skin around this area is constantly folded since there is muscle movement below it.

Since there is a loss of elasticity in the skin with age, these lines seem to linger as age grows. When Botox is injected in the muscles at about one centimeter above the eyebrow area, the muscles become immobilized and relaxed.

Since there is a reduction in the muscle activity, there is also a reduction in the wrinkles. The effect of this injection is not long term and lasts for about three to six months.

Around the Eyes

The muscles around the eyes react in full co-ordination to the feelings as someone laughs, smiles, cries or frowns. This happens so much that fine lines are formed around the eyes. As we age, these lines show and become deeper and thicker. These fine lines on the outside of the eyes are also known as crow’s feet. For these lines to disappear, Botox is injected in the particular muscles around the eyes so as to stop contraction of muscles and smoothing of wrinkles.


The condition where the muscles that handle the blinking of the eyes start to contract is known as Blepharospasm. Depending on how serious the problem is, patients who have blepharospasm face difficulties in carrying out everyday activities like reading, driving and working.

The toxin is injected in the muscles around the lids of the eye so that their speedy contractions are stopped. This method is one of the most suggested treatment methods for blepharospasm. This solution is again not a long term one but a temporary relief that lasts for around four months.


Axillary Hyperhidrosis is excessive perspiration especially in the armpit and botox is a suggested treatment method for that. Small injections are given in the armpit area so that the nerves get paralyzed and signals are send to the sweat glands that develop sweat are blocked. Sweating is stopped by stopping the nerve signals. It should be remembered that the effect of this procedure lasts not life long but for around three to six months and a patient who has this problem usually needs around three Botox treatments in a year if he or she wants to have the excessive sweating to be stopped in their area.

Neck and Shoulder Areas

Uncontrolled and involuntary muscle spams in the shoulders and neck that results in awkward postures and jerky movements is called Cervical Dystonia. Botox injections injected in the shoulder and neck areas are used to treat this condition.

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Botox Cosmetic Injections, Easy And Painless

People have many motivations for wanting to get a Botox cosmetic injection. Every individual motive is completely justifiable because everyone is free to choose and decide what is best for them. Whatever reason it may be to have a Botox cosmetic injection, it is completely your right to do so.

Millions of people have had Botox cosmetic injections done at some time or another. In 2005, approximately over three million people had the procedure done. This was an amazing 16.4% rise in cosmetic Botox injections versus the previous year. What happens when getting a Botox injection?

When a person decides to go and get a cosmetic Botox injection, the doctor will begin by applying many tiny Botox injections straight into the muscle tissues that make those unattractive frown lines. These muscles make up what is called the furrowed brow. They are usually located in between the eyebrows. Later, the doctor will decide where to continue giving injections by observing your muscle movement ability.

Brows that usually give the appearance of frowning are usually created by muscles according to their size and location. This can vary greatly among different people. This procedure requires no pain medication although in some instances the doctor may choose to numb the area with ice so that there is little pain felt during the procedure.

The time spent at the doctor’s office is surprisingly small. Usually cosmetic Botox injection treatments are done as an outpatient service and there is little recovery time. You should see positive results very quickly with reduced lines and wrinkles in the treated area.

When searching for a doctor who administers Botox treatments, it is best to find a licensed doctor who can be recommended by others and has had lots of experience giving Botox injections. Colleagues and family members can offer the best advice because more than likely they know someone who has had the procedure done before. This would be your best source of information when seeking the best Botox treatment.

Remember to not make any hasty decisions but instead be patient before taking the first step to undergo any type of treatment. Take note that you will want to feel relaxed and confident when you make your decision to go forward with any medical procedure.

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