Watch Botox Cosmetic Injections

Botox is a temporary way to help rejuvenate the face through non-surgical means. Botox is injected into desired areas and the effects generally last a few months before re-application is necessary.

Watch the following video to know more about Botox Cosmetic Botox Injections Procedure.

The entire Botox cosmetic injection procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. After the procedure. There’s no recovery time needed. You’re ready to get on with your day! Within days, you may notice an improvement in the moderate to severe frown lines between your brows that can last up to 4 months. Results may vary.

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What Is Botox?

Botox is simply a company’s name for a product that is a purified protein made from clostridium botulinum bacterium, also known as a type A botulinum toxin (BTX-A). This product is produced by the Allergen Inc., which is an the leading company in ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, facial aesthetic products, and neurological products.

The Medical uses of Botox
Botox InjectionsThe first time this type of bacterium was used, was around the 1980s. It was used to treat cases of blepharospasm (uncontrollable blinking), hemifacial spasm (twitching), and strabismus (crossed eyes). 1n 1989, a BTX-A FDA approved version was created of this bacterium, hence Botox was created.

Botox was then used to subsequently approve the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) and other medical conditions.

The Cosmetic uses of Botox

Canadian physicians in the 1900s published a study of the various uses of BTX-A for the glabellar lines (lines between the eyebrows). Cosmetic Botox was then approved by both Canadian health society and the FDA for the treatment of unwanted lines between the eyebrows for adults younger then 65. The medical botox and the Cosmetic botox have the same type of active ingredients.

Botox is also capable of treating other facial wrinkles like forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. These conditions are also known as dynamic wrinkles.

Numerous people around the world have used Botox to treat various medical and cosmetic cases. It is no surprise that Botox has become the most popular BTX-A treatment.

How does it work?

This bacterium is injected into the treatment area via tiny needles. The Botox blocks the transmission of nerve signals. For instance, in the case of excessive armpit sweating (hyperhidrosis), the sweat glands will not receive signals to produce sweat.

Also, the dynamic wrinkle are brought about by repeated contractions of the muscles. Therefore, in the absence of nerve signals, these muscles will not be able to contract which means the wrinkles will soften.

The procedure usually only takes a few moments and no anesthesia is needed. The procedure is generally painless. Botox is injected to specific muscles with a fine needle. Generally, it takes 3 to 7 days before the Botox will take effect. It is also recommended that you do no t drink alcohol for at least one week after the procedure. In addition, to avoid bruising anti-inflammatory and aspirin medication should not be used at least two weeks before the procedure.

Face lift or Botox?

According to the Plastic Surgeons Society in America, Botox generally produces better results than a face lift surgery. However, they also say that the age of the patient may affect the results of both Botox and Face lift. People in their thirties that have been deprived of exposure to sunlight will usually have signs of aging in the temple and eye area. The bulging of eyelids and Crow’s feet are some of the effects of sun light deprivation. Botox is ideal for smoothing out the lines of these people in this age group.

Generally, people entering their forties the middle of their faces starts to shift as laugh lines begin to show and the cheeks lose some of their fat. Also, people in their forties will usually have deflated cheeks and jowls that will  sag. Therefore, a combination of minimal lifting procedures and Botox will make your face look much younger.

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How Long Does Botox Last

You should be aware of “how does Botox work” before considering this treatment. Botox, which is short for Botulinum toxin, blocks the nerve impulses transmission at the muscle end plates. It blocks the movement of acetyl choline, one of several important neurotransmitters. A well-trained person can choose the injection site carefully, and then set about paralyzing the muscles around your eyes, forehead, and between your eyebrows, that are causing wrinkles and lines

Clearly, this person needs a great deal of anatomical knowledge as well as knowing the appropriate dilution of the Botox to lower the occurrence of unneeded side effects that could happen if the nearby muscles accidentally get paralyzed even though you need them to work. For example, if you put the Botox Injections too close to the eyelid, it can cause your eyelid to sag.

You might also want to know how long the Botox’s effects will last. The average length of duration time is close to 4 months. This is an average, and some will have much longer time (around 8 months) and in others, it will last only about 6 weeks. So there is quite a lot of variation in time. Research has shown that the most important item affecting the duration of Botox’s effects is how many Botex units are injected. If you are using forehead/Glabella Botox, the best dose is about 40-50 units which is equal to about one hundred units of the Dysport/Azzalure, this drug is about 2.5-8 times less strong than the Botox/Vistabel. This gives you about 4 months duration time in about three-quarters of the patients.

The other thing to consider is when to get your next dose. This depends on personal preference, and there is no correct way to determine when to have the next dose other than to consider it when the Botox starts to wear off. Using a calendar is probably not the best way to decide, as it could last a lot longer than you think, especially if you are having regular treatments since it is longer-lasting every time. What should you look for to see if the Botox is wearing off? It’s mainly that the muscle areas that were paralyzed previously will start to move again. If you had between the eyebrows treated, this is probably the first place that will start to move. This is a very active muscle group and will show the signs of Botox decline way earlier than any other places.

Once you start to see the movement in those areas, you will gradually see the lines return to your skin, though they may not be as noticeable as before. That makes this a good time to consider setting up your next appointment for Botox treatment.

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Botox Creams

Botox cream is a great way to fight the aging procedure. As we age, there will be more facial wrinkled elements and spots than before. The process known as plastic surgery can be a massive procedure, and many individuals are not suggested to go through the procedure nor have the funding for it. There always the choice of Botox injections, but for those of us that are not happy the choice of shots in our face, nor the choice of paralyzing facial detailed muscles, Botox cream may be the best alternative.

Most may mention this an anti-aging cream, and others may call it Botox cream, either way, it assist to get rid of unwanted wrinkled elements. This cream can be used on the face once or twice a day to help reduce the elements of wrinkles. The conclusions will make individuals look much younger.

Botox CreamsThe component that is the allurement method in this cream is known as Acetyl Hexapetide-3. This cream assist in eliminating spots and lines over time. Just like with well-known facial creams, the more you apply it, the better results you will see. The advantage to this it is less expensive and the affect will be gradual, making it appears more natural. There are other advantages to using Botox creams as well, such as components that reduce dark looking circles under the eyes.

These botox creams should not be difficult to add to the day to day regiment of creams already being used. There are multiple creams that mix all the necessary elements already so only one cream needs to be used during the daytime and at night before you go to sleep. This results can save you some money.

There are many various creams that promise results, and some come mighty suggested. As they do field in price, some are more costly, it is up to the customer, when it comes to the price changes. StriVectin SD is one of the most well-known products in the marketplace. It was originally used to assist in the healing process of stretch marks but has been found that it helps to eliminate the wrinkle element upon the face. There are six ounce tubes on the market that should last for six months and the price is about 135 dollars. There is also a product known as Alpha Derma CE and the pricing is around 129.95 dollars for four ounces and is another suggested consumer favorite for wrinkle elimination care. It can be very costly; however, customers claim they have seen results after one use. Finally, first-class products, like Athena from three-minute lift is priced at about $ 89, and receives high marks for reducing wrinkles. There are plenty of products that can be found in the local cosmetics store and repair-wear.

So for those of us who need anti-aging affects, without injections, Botox cream is the way forward. Do some research online to learn about the different types of creams that are suggested by dermatologists and consumers. It is a great idea to use wrinkle creams to help you with your aging skin concerns.

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Botox Before And After

Botox does cause a change in appearance, as anyone who makes before and after comparisons can see. If you ever browse through photos online, you can see the major differences on a patient’s face before the injections and afterward. In instances where you personally know someone who has had the procedure performed, you probably noticed previous wrinkles have disappeared, erased by the Botox solution. Skin looks smoother, regaining the tightness of youth, and lines and creases are smaller if not gone altogether. The Botox before and after differences can be striking.

If you decide to undergo the treatment, you might appreciate taking a picture of yourself (with a smile or not, that’s up to you) so you can compare it to your new look. You can judge for yourself just how effective the procedure was.

Up to 99% of people who have tried Botox claim to have seen a major difference in their appearance before and after Botox. After a few weeks of treatment, you will quickly start to see the fine lines on your face fading, replaced with glowing, youthful skin. These differences are more marked when you have a before photograph to make accurate comparisons. Assessing these changes can help you decide if Botox is taking you in the direction you were hoping to see.c

Most people recognize Botox as one of the hottest trends in Hollywood for both men and women. This can be seen as proof that it works, producing desirable results even after an extended amount of time. Usually the treatment is performed once or twice a year as needed. To assess the progress of your skin’s de-aging process, you should try to have your picture taken annually under similar lighting and conditions. These pictures should show just how many wrinkles have started to shrink, and to what degree. Most of the time, these photographs will clearly show just how much these treatments are worth.

Of course, Botox has gained its share of controversies. As it grows in popularity, the procedure has been attacked and criticized from patients and non-patients alike. Some charges leveled against it claim Botox before and after appearances change over time, and that lines tend to reappear more quickly the longer and more often you subject yourself to the injections. Others point out that eventually you start to lose the ability to show expressions in your face as the skin becomes unable to move. Nevertheless, any questions or concerns you have can be addressed with your doctor before you ever undergo treatment. If you find that you like the results from repeated treatments, then you know Botox is right for you. But if you’re not pleased, then you can stop treatment any time and look for another specialist or other alternative solutions.

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Dysport vs Botox: Which Is The Real Deal?

For decades, we have had Botox to go to for wrinkle management, but recently, there’s been a newcomer on the scene. Dysport is the newly approved alternative to the age-old solution to lines and wrinkles and many are hailing it as a vast improvement. Just what is the truth in the Dysport vs. Botox debate? Read on to learn more about each injection so you can make an informed decision yourself.

Both injections are made up of botulinum toxin Type A, which paralyzes the muscles it is injected into. This isn’t a permanent paralysis, however, and the shots need to be repeated on a regular basis, as they wear off. This is where the two differ. Botox needs to be redone every 3 months. Dysport, on the other hand, seems to last at least 6 months, making it longer lasting.

One of the main reasons to choose Dysport over its sister toxin is that it appears to work faster. In cases where wrinkle elimination is a last minute decision, the difference between one day and three days for the botulinum to start working is a big one and can be vital in the decision making process. Some situations where it would be preferable to have faster acting results would be before a big job interview, a wedding or a high school reunion. Not everyone can plan ahead to ensure that they get their injection a full week ahead of time, so it may be best to go with the faster acting version.

The downside to the newest injection type is that it may stimulate the body to produce antibodies. These attack the toxin and essentially render it useless. This can occur with Botox, as well, but is less likely. At this point, the new version of the botulinum toxin is still relatively fresh to the market and studies are still being done on it. It has been approved for human use, however, as it does not have any major side effects.

In fact, the side effects for the two shots are quite similar. They may cause swelling and bruising or numbness in the injection site. This is easily offset by icing the area and usually does not last for long.

One of the more talked about benefits of the new wrinkle remover is the fact that is costs less than the older method. It ends up being the same, more or less, since the price is approximately a third of the price of Botox Injections, but you need three injections of Dysport to get the same effects. That being said, for those who want a mild paralysis of facial muscles, this smaller dose may be a better option.

In the end, when it comes to Dysport vs Botox, the choice is yours.

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Botox Injection Sites

Where do you use Botox?

ForeheadBotox Injection Site

Botox is used to remove frown lines and wrinkles especially between the eyes right above the area around the nose. The muscles present between the eyebrows move out laterally under the eyes and result in moving of the eyebrows in the downward direction towards the nose area when there is squint or frown. Frown lines or wrinkle are developed when the skin around this area is constantly folded since there is muscle movement below it.

Since there is a loss of elasticity in the skin with age, these lines seem to linger as age grows. When Botox is injected in the muscles at about one centimeter above the eyebrow area, the muscles become immobilized and relaxed.

Since there is a reduction in the muscle activity, there is also a reduction in the wrinkles. The effect of this injection is not long term and lasts for about three to six months.

Around the Eyes

The muscles around the eyes react in full co-ordination to the feelings as someone laughs, smiles, cries or frowns. This happens so much that fine lines are formed around the eyes. As we age, these lines show and become deeper and thicker. These fine lines on the outside of the eyes are also known as crow’s feet. For these lines to disappear, Botox is injected in the particular muscles around the eyes so as to stop contraction of muscles and smoothing of wrinkles.


The condition where the muscles that handle the blinking of the eyes start to contract is known as Blepharospasm. Depending on how serious the problem is, patients who have blepharospasm face difficulties in carrying out everyday activities like reading, driving and working.

The toxin is injected in the muscles around the lids of the eye so that their speedy contractions are stopped. This method is one of the most suggested treatment methods for blepharospasm. This solution is again not a long term one but a temporary relief that lasts for around four months.


Axillary Hyperhidrosis is excessive perspiration especially in the armpit and botox is a suggested treatment method for that. Small injections are given in the armpit area so that the nerves get paralyzed and signals are send to the sweat glands that develop sweat are blocked. Sweating is stopped by stopping the nerve signals. It should be remembered that the effect of this procedure lasts not life long but for around three to six months and a patient who has this problem usually needs around three Botox treatments in a year if he or she wants to have the excessive sweating to be stopped in their area.

Neck and Shoulder Areas

Uncontrolled and involuntary muscle spams in the shoulders and neck that results in awkward postures and jerky movements is called Cervical Dystonia. Botox injections injected in the shoulder and neck areas are used to treat this condition.

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Botox And Cerebral Palsy

Though the majority of people are not aware of it, there exists a considerable connection among Botox and cerebral palsy, this connection is extremely essential for all to consider. The truth is, the connection involving Botox and cerebral palsy with kids has proved to be sizable, since experts have discovered the fact that botox injections can assist youngsters who suffer from cerebral palsy.

Botox InjectionMore info relating to the Connection with Botox and Cerebral Palsy

It can be extremely essential for every person to observe as well as comprehend the connection with Botox and cerebral palsy in both grown ups as well as youngsters, the particular botulism toxin that is inside the Botox shots is actually considered to relive cerebral palsy signs and symptoms through decreasing rigidity within one’s muscle tissues, which usually provides for greater command of mobility, plus helps improve the extension of muscles, therefore decreasing the chance of long-term muscular contractions.

Actually, the connection with Botox and cerebral palsy did not simply manifest now, but in reality has been taking place for a long time now; Botox has long been utilized in the treatment of numerous effects associated with cerebral palsy for a long time, and specifically, these types of treatments can assist by means of offering alleviation to a number of cerebral palsy kids through unbending his or her spasmodic legs, which often can cramp upwards and therefore possibly avoid ambulation, or even make walking around extremely tough as well as uncomfortable.

Furthermore, Botox treatments within the saliva glands have in reality already been lately viewed as having the ability to reduce the side effect of drooling, which could as a result cause health and interpersonal issues within the youngsters who are afflicted by cerebral palsy. Concerning negative effects in relation to utilizing Botox with regard to cerebral palsy, there exists a surprisingly low amount of such, plus the restorative classes involving the treatments will demand a number of sessions, as well as entail needle shots which could create suffering and irritation for the recipient, this thus being the most typical ill effect.

It is important to keep in mind that you need to undoubtedly check with your personal doctor to begin with so as to find out for sure if you or perhaps your youngster is a appropriate applicant for this procedure. Following this, if the physician gives his authorization, then you can certainly start concentrating further regarding the question associated with making use of Botox for your cerebral palsy. It really is simply essential to make certain that there is definitely no other choices that might be more suitable for you prior to this.

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Botox Training Course Made Accessible

Medical science has come a long way since the dawn of human civilization. Advances in this field has certainly helped many people improve their general health. More than that, there are many modern medical procedures which are intended to help individuals enhance their physical looks.

Physical beauty is a very important part of a person’s life since it is where he or she starts building self-confidence. To address issues related to this, there are a number of medical procedures which are designed to improve one’s looks. For instance, Botox is a fast and effective treatment.

Learn about Botox

If you are interested to undergo Botox, you need to know a few important things first. Before you subject yourself to this procedure, make sure that you have a full understanding of the drugs. Then, you should also study its side effects and also its effects on your body. After this, you can decide if you want to proceed or not. The choice is yours as long as you already know your options.

Botox training courses are already made easily accessible via the Internet. There are online courses nowadays that re handled by expert professionals who are mostly registered nurses and licensed doctors. They will conduct the trainings so that those who are willing to learn about Botox will gain more understanding.

If you want to learn more about a Botox Training course, you can inquire at medical schools in your area. You will surely find a lot of options. But online courses are also available just in case you want the convenience and easy access. But you will eventually have to take a practical exam. This is to ensure that you will have an actual exposure of the medical procedure.

If you are interested to learn about Botox, you should spend time and resources learning about this procedure. Once you have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge, you will be able to make use of your learning and help a lot of people who need help. There are so many people who will need you services especially when they are satisfied with the results. In fact, they will even recommend you to their friends and family . This means that you will have a very stable financial income someday.

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Botox – Useful And Youthful Drug

The desire to look youthful forever is possessed by every human being on this planet. Especially women over forty always want to look as fresh as a teenage girl. Therefore science came up with a solution to this problem and it was called Botox. It is a medicine which is injected into the effected area. Only a small quantity is injected and it slowly starts its effect. Its scientific name is Botulinum toxin and is produced by a protein. In the 1800s it came into existence and is still being used widely. Botox injection is commonly used for wrinkles, frown lines, migraine, bladder problems etc.

Celebrities like Britney Spears; Simon Cowell, Courtney Cox, etc. are the loyal users of Botox. Looking at these celebrities even people tend to get influenced and start with its usage. Many people have tried using Botox on the lips. It not only gives them fuller lips but a desired pout too. Since it works quickly on them and avoids side effects people use it more often as compared to creams, solutions, ointments, surgery etc.

Injecting Botox is not a painful procedure depending where you are injecting it. If it’s on the arms then pain is minimal but if it’s on the face then there are chances of slight pain. It is very important for the person to prepare mentally and physically before getting it done, because while operation it can lead to antagonistic results. Talking to the doctor in detail about your body is highly recommended because only he/she can tell whether our body will be able to take the change or not. Any type of allergy should be mentioned while discussing with the doctor.

Before the operation begins ice packs should be kept. They are to be used before and after the surgery in the operated area. It prevents swelling and bruising. Just in case if the patient feels any pain, a pain killer should be taken instantly. Once the entire procedure is over, doctors do not recommend any type of exercise and massage in that area. These activities spread Botox in other areas too, causing damage.

Botox has its own side effects. But they are not long term. It can lead to nausea, heart burn, facial pain, head ache, dizziness and a few others.

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