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What You Should Know About Botox

Botox Gets Black Box Warning

The rules have been made stringent by the FDA regarding the use of Botox. Products such as Botox and others of similar nature need to be packed with a black box labeling. The intention of this kind of labeling on such products is to warn the user about the hazards that may follow after the use of Botox. Toxins may spread beyond the site of injection, which could be life threatening for the consumer.

BotoxThis implementation on the use of Botox was made after some research was carried out by some professionals. The data from the previous users was collected and was analyzed. To the surprise of the investigating team, more than 180 cases of complications were found. The failures were sometimes with the respiratory system and were observed by the patients who were subjected to type A and B botulinum injections.

Severity of the case was more with the children and young age individuals who mostly died after they were injected with botulinum toxin, which is primarily used for treating muscle spasm. Elders were hospitalized and serious issues with their health were recorded.

People who are looking to undergo Botox treatments or those who have recently received the treatment should find the following information useful:

What did the FDA decide?

Before the treatment is given to the patient, the doctor should hand over a medication guide to the patient to be treated. The guide should contain the potential harm that the product can cause and other consequences of the treatment as well like breathing problems and swallowing.

Strict guidelines have also been issued to the manufacturers as well. The manufacturers before launching any products in the market should test the product on adults and children and must submit the results of the test to the concerned department for analysis. Moreover, the manufacturers should also warm the users that Botox products should not be used interchangeably.

What products does this regulation affect?

Allergen Inc. and Solstice Neuroscience that manufacturer Botox cosmetics and Botox have both been affected the decision of FDA.

Did any of the reported untoward effects occur in people using Botox to reduce wrinkles and fine lines?

Children with cerebral palsy were only affected adversely by the Botox treatment when they were treated for limb spasticity. However, this treatment is not approved by FDA for both children and adults. Botulinum toxin is dangerous and needs to be used carefully under expert supervision.

Were the Botox injections defective or tainted?

Questions were raised regarding the defectiveness of those Botox injections that produced hazardous results but it was cleared by the FDA that the adverse results were obtained due to overdosing. After analysis, it was pointed out that the dose given to the children was 28 times greater than the normal amount.

How did the Botox injection in the limbs impact these children’s lungs?

Botulinum, the main ingredient in Botox spreads to the other body parts after breathing. Thus, this caution has been printed on the label of the current supply of Botox.

Is Botox safe?

The use of Botox has been proved to be safe by various American societies of plastic surgeons. Botox has been successfully used by more than one million people and it is the number one nonsurgical procedure used for both men and women. However, some complications were also recorded. These complications included nausea, headache, numbness and bruising at the site of the injection.

How can I ensure that I am safe if I receive Botox injections?

You should do some research before adopting the procedure for treatment. The doctor of your choice for injecting Botox should be well qualified and trained as well. He or she should be holding board certification in dermatology and plastic surgery. The doctor should have already done similar treatment in the past.

Precautions to be taken after the injection:

You should keep an eye of some of the symptoms that may point out serious problems. Muscle weakness, breathing trouble, slurred speech and difficulty in swallowing can be observed. You may observe these effects just after the treatment or even after several weeks. When any such side effects are observed, the patient should immediately consult the doctor and seek medical help.

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Botulinum Toxin

Do you want to stay young and look beautiful? The answer is absolutely certain for most of us! Or perhaps all of us! One of the best way to keep our skin beauty and youthful is with Botox Injections. You may hear about Botox everywhere nowadays. As we all know, it’s a relatively simple procedure which lead to an effective wrinkles clearing and of course a more youthful appearance. So, there are not many of us who could deny knowing of the word Botox but how many could honestly say that they fully understand what Botox is? To help with this, we need to step back a few decades to when this substance was first researched and used.

Botulinum ToxinBotox is derived from Botulinum toxin, a form of the deadly Botulism. It has been discovered nearly five decades ago and it was used to treat patients with neurological problems. There is several different Botulinum toxins, ranging from Botulinum Toxin A to Botulinum Toxin G. Botox is the registered trademark for a specific product which is created using one of the seven neurotoxins (botulinum toxin A). Botulinum is caused by the ingestion of the bacteria that is known as Clostridium botulinum. Botulinum toxin is actually a neurotoxin protein that is released by the bacteria once ingested. The side effects that are caused by ingesting this neurotoxin can be as serious as paralysis! Although extremely dangerous and often fatal in other forms and concentrations the Botox injections appear to be quite safe as a cosmetic treatment in some parts of the world.

On 21 December 2000, Botulinium Toxin B was approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to treat cervical dystonia that eases the pain from serious contractions in the shoulders and neck, Trade names for Botulinium Toxin B are Neurobloc in the European Union, and Myobloc in the United States. FDA gave a green light to Botulinium Toxin A or better known as Botox Cosmetic on 15 April 2002 after the discovery about its effectiveness on improving the appearance of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). Botox is also used in the treatment of migraine headaches, blepharospasm (involuntary blinking), severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), Achalasia (failure of the lower esophageal sphincter to relax), etc. However, the term Botox is used widely to describe the facial skin care treatment to reduce wrinkles and fine lines nowdays.

Botox injections work by tightening the skin and muscle so the skin will stay in its contracted position. Unfortunately, over the weeks, the effects of the treatment reduce and the lines and wrinkles return (making the treatment only temporary), therefore you have to return for injections every three or four months. Prices for each individual injection of Botox range from $250 to $500. That’s the price you have to pay for staying young and beautiful with Botox Injections!

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Botox Cosmetic Injection Procedure

Botox Cosmetic Injection is extremely popular nowadays because it is simple to perform and consistently achieves good results. With just a few injections, the procedure can paralyze facial muscles and prevent them from wrinkling. The name alone, Botox, is an implication of the true nature of the substance: Botulinum toxin type A. It is a non-surgical way to reduce or eliminate frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet, neck bands and other wrinkles.

A wee bit of botox treatment does a really powerful job. The treatment is effective but temporary and has to be repeated every 3-6 months. Botox weakens the facial muscles that create wrinkles and frowns when they contract. When it starts to wear off, muscle activity will gradually being to reappear, so you will not wake up one morning to all of your pre-Botox wrinkles lunging at you in the bathroom mirror. The goal of Botox is a subtle softening, not necessary the complete elimination of facial expression lines.

Botox Comestic Injection ProcedureIf you are thinking about taking Botox Injections, it is wise to first learn about the procedure and the possible side affects. Understanding how Botox works is an important step in making up your mind if it is a cosmetic surgery procedure that will be worthwhile for you. Let’s go through the procedure step by step. Please note that although the treatment is typical, however the routine may be different at certain places!

First, the doctor will determine where to administer the injections by examining your ability to move certain muscles in your brow area. The location, size, and use of the muscles that create a furrowed brow vary markedly among individuals.

Botox (Botulinum toxin type A) is then been injected with a very tiny needle. The injected Botox attaches itself to nerve endings. During unimpeded muscle function, the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is released from these nerve endings, causing muscle contractions. Botox blocks the release of acetylcholine, causing the muscle to become relaxed.

Normally no anesthesia is required, although your doctor may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream prior to injecting. Discomfort is usually minimal and brief. Most patients compare the sensation to a pin prick.

In usual cases the Botox treatment lasts for about 10 minutes, and no recovery time is needed. You may resume normal activity immediately. You may see a marked improvement in the moderate to severe frown lines between your brows within a matter of two to three days. Improvement may continue for as long as a month, and could last up to 6 months. However, results are known to vary from person to person depending on their medical history and lifestyle.

Botox is an effective and fast treatment for anyone who wishes to improve lines that are on their face. Using Botox, you are able to change the wrinkles that appear on your lips, neck, eyes, or forehead area. Botox Injections, even though effective, is not a substitute for other more permanent cosmetic surgeries.

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Botox injections Cost

In today’s day and age, where youth and beauty is valued above all else, it’s no surprise to see the exploding popularity of Botox treatments. Supposed to reduce the fine lines of age on your face, Botox Injections are fast acquiring a craze across the world. This temporary cure for wrinkles has indeed created quite a bit of excitement in the health and beauty field. Botox Injections do not work wonder for everybody. However, over 90% of patients who have been surveyed are extremely happy with this procedure. In order to stay young and beautiful, people are willing to have a try and aren’t afraid to pay for it either.

Botox Injection (botulinum toxin) is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure because it is a non-surgical way to reduce or eliminate frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet, neck bands and other wrinkles. It has fast results, is non-invasive and does not leave scars, but it also can wear off and should be re-injected. The average prices for Botox Injections range from $250 to $500 for each individual injection. Sometime you might get it done at about $200 to $400. So you can see that there are not fixed price in the industry, the cost often depending on the whims of the doctor. According to BBC World Business Report, Botox sales in the US alone were more than $300 in spite of the fact that it was not promoted as a cosmetic drug directly to the doctors and the consumers. In some cases, a single vial of Botox can cost up to $1000!

Overall botox treatments are very safe and effective. It is highly advisable that you only receive Botox injections from an experienced, qualified and board certified doctor. The treatment should be conducted in controlled environment with sterile equipment as well as with precautionary equipment on hand just in case there is an emergency. Although Botox Injections are available to all people, there are some who are allergic to the toxin. So it is best that one consults a physician first prior to the treatment. For those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or who have a neurological disorder, for example, should not use Botox. For the best safety, you should neither sleep nor consume alcohol for several hours prior to treatment.

The best idea here is that obviously then, if you are the right candidate for Botox Injections and the cost is right for you, you may consider having it done. Take time and consideration in regards to your decision, speak to others about the idea, research more about the Botox Injections and prices, consult with your doctor, make a few phone calls to speak to clinics in your own area, visit a few and get a feel for the place – whatever it takes, it will be worth it in the end.

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Botox Side Effects

The cosmetic treatment known as Botox Injection has, over the last few years, has become one of the most popular anti-aging treatments available. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure has grown so popular because of its quick results and the low instance of Botox risks. Between 2002 and 2003 the number of people having this procedure increased by 158 percent. Over 2.6 million women and 333,000 men underwent Botox procedures in 2003 alone!

As with any medicine, there are some possible side effects to Botox, the physician-administered injection used to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, not everyone who takes Botox Injections will experience side effects. In fact, most people tolerate it quite well. If side effects do occur, in most cases, they are minor and either requires no treatment or is easily treated by you or your healthcare provider.

The effects of Botox are noticeable one to two days after the procedure and can last up to six months. Since Botox only stays in the body for a maximum of six months, any side effects associated with the medication will diminish after that time period. People who continue to receive treatments may continue to experience side effects. The common side effects include nausea, flu syndrome, respiratory infection, forehead and eyelid drooping, and headache. Less common Botox risks include symptoms that are generally associated with the injection. These include redness, pain, swelling, numbness, bruising, muscle weakness and bleeding. Normally, these symptoms generally subside within a week after injection.

Botox Injection procedures are considered medical techniques that should be carried out in a controlled medical environment and administered by a qualified and experience medical professional. They should check through your medical history to determine that you are appropriate candidates before taking Botox treatment. In fact, only one injection should be given every 3 months. Women, who are breast feeding and those people taking antibiotics are recommended not to use Botox as they have increased risk of adverse reactions. Besides, ‘Botox Parties’ where people meet socially to have the treatment without proper medical setting should be avoided as liberal amounts of alcohol is dangerous as it causes an increase in bruising.

You may experience some or none of the Botox side effects discussed above. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell if any particular side effect such as headache is caused by Botox or by other factors. Of course all cosmetic procedures involve some amount of risk. Any procedure that goes contrary to what is natural is risky including Botox Injections. If you think it is all worth it, go ahead. However, you must let your healthcare providers know if you feel something that just does not seem right after taking Botox Injections. They will be able to diagnose and treat the problem.

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Watch Botox Cosmetic Injections

Botox is a temporary way to help rejuvenate the face through non-surgical means. Botox is injected into desired areas and the effects generally last a few months before re-application is necessary.

Watch the following video to know more about Botox Cosmetic Botox Injections Procedure.

The entire Botox cosmetic injection procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. After the procedure. There’s no recovery time needed. You’re ready to get on with your day! Within days, you may notice an improvement in the moderate to severe frown lines between your brows that can last up to 4 months. Results may vary.

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Botox – Useful And Youthful Drug

The desire to look youthful forever is possessed by every human being on this planet. Especially women over forty always want to look as fresh as a teenage girl. Therefore science came up with a solution to this problem and it was called Botox. It is a medicine which is injected into the effected area. Only a small quantity is injected and it slowly starts its effect. Its scientific name is Botulinum toxin and is produced by a protein. In the 1800s it came into existence and is still being used widely. Botox injection is commonly used for wrinkles, frown lines, migraine, bladder problems etc.

Celebrities like Britney Spears; Simon Cowell, Courtney Cox, etc. are the loyal users of Botox. Looking at these celebrities even people tend to get influenced and start with its usage. Many people have tried using Botox on the lips. It not only gives them fuller lips but a desired pout too. Since it works quickly on them and avoids side effects people use it more often as compared to creams, solutions, ointments, surgery etc.

Injecting Botox is not a painful procedure depending where you are injecting it. If it’s on the arms then pain is minimal but if it’s on the face then there are chances of slight pain. It is very important for the person to prepare mentally and physically before getting it done, because while operation it can lead to antagonistic results. Talking to the doctor in detail about your body is highly recommended because only he/she can tell whether our body will be able to take the change or not. Any type of allergy should be mentioned while discussing with the doctor.

Before the operation begins ice packs should be kept. They are to be used before and after the surgery in the operated area. It prevents swelling and bruising. Just in case if the patient feels any pain, a pain killer should be taken instantly. Once the entire procedure is over, doctors do not recommend any type of exercise and massage in that area. These activities spread Botox in other areas too, causing damage.

Botox has its own side effects. But they are not long term. It can lead to nausea, heart burn, facial pain, head ache, dizziness and a few others.

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