How Long Does Botox Last

How Long Does Botox Last

Before you consider this treatment, you should be aware of how Botox works and what it can block. It stands for botulinum toxin, which blocks the transmission of nerve impulses from the muscle end to the nerve end of the body’s own nerve cells, such as the spinal cord.

A person must reduce the risk of unnecessary side effects that can occur when there are nearby muscles that need to work. If a Botox injection is applied too close to the eyelid, it can cause sagging of the eyelids and pain and swelling.

You may also want to know how long the effect of Botox lasts: the average treatment time is almost 4 months, but some will last much longer, about 8 months. This is a big time difference, due to the different number of injections and the amount of Botox each injection.


Research shows that the most important point that affects the duration of Botox’s action is the number of Botex units that are injected. In about three quarters of patients, this leads to an adhesion of about four months. If you use forehead glabella Botox, the best dose is about 40-50 units, which is about a hundred units of Dysport Azzalure. This medicine is a combination of two different types of injections: one for the forehead and the other for other parts of the body.

It depends on your personal preferences, but the other thing to keep in mind is when you get your next dose. There is no correct method to determine the timing of the next dose, which takes into account when the Botox starts to wear out.


Using a calendar is the best way to decide what to look out for to see if the Botox wears out, although it can take much longer than you think, especially if you treat yourself regularly as calendars are longer and last longer.

If you have treated your eyebrows, this is probably the first place where you start to move, and especially muscles that were previously paralyzed move again.

This is a very active muscle group, so signs of Botox decline will show up much earlier than elsewhere. If you see movement in this area, you will probably see lines on your skin again, although they may not be as pronounced as they used to be. So this is the best time to think about an appointment for the next botox treatment.

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